Alaska's fiscal puzzle

Piecing together a solution

Alaska’s fiscal situation is quite the puzzle, one that requires some tough choices and even bolder action. KEEP is introducing a new graphic element that encourages our legislators to piece together a solution that will resolve our fiscal problems and provide for future generations.

The next in a long line of oil tax reforms

House Resources is back in action reviewing HB111, the latest round of oil tax legislation. Hearings are taking place throughout this week, and public testimony is anticipated to open as early as next week.
Instead of yet again threatening to raise taxes on the oil industry, we should be marketing Alaska’s attributes so we can attract more investment.
Please feel free to reach out to members of the House Resources Committee anytime regarding this bill.  You can contact them using the links below.

House Resources Committee

Rep. Andy Josephson
House co-chair (D-Anchorage)

Rep. Geran Tarr
House co-chair (D – Anchorage)

Rep. Dean Westlake
House vice-chair (D - Kotzebue)

Rep. Harriet Drummond
(D - Anchorage)

Rep. Justin Parish
(D - Juneau)

Rep. Chris Birch
(R - Anchorage)

Rep. DeLena Johnson
(R - Palmer)

Rep. George Rauscher
(R - Palmer)

Rep. David Talerico
(R - Healy)

Rep. Mike Chenault
Alternate (R - Nikiski)

Rep. Chris Tuck
Alternate (D - Anchorage)
View Alper’s presentation

View Glover’s presentation

Read the full version of HB111 bill here

Contact the House Resources Committee

HB111 hearings this week

- 1 p.m Wednesday
- 6 p.m. Wednesday
- 1 p.m. Friday

You can watch the hearings on 360 North.

Rick Boyles takes on Robin Brena

ICYMI: Alaska Teamsters’ & KEEP founding member Rick Boyles took Robin Brena to task over his recent testimony to the legislature, while respected aviator Orin Seybert says it’s time for all Alaska to pay their share. “I think all of us would be glad to help shoulder the burden, to assure maintaining a proper level of services without drastically reducing jobs or our way of life.

Click here to read Boyle's letter.

Click here to read Orin Seybert’s letter to the ADN. 

Stability drives investment

As BP Alaska recently tweeted, “Policy drives behavior. SB21 spurred investment, which led to 1st oil production increase in almost 15 years. #AkLeg”  

Hilcorp chimes in: “If #Akleg makes yet another tax change this year, we will adjust our investment spending in Alaska accordingly. Policy matters.”

And former Alaska DNR Director Corrie Feige agrees: “For 40 more years of oil in AK, state needs a stable, business-minded fiscal policy.”


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Need the facts - check out our new fact sheet   AOGA: Senate Bill 21 incentivized billions in Alaska oilfield investments, more oil in the Trans Alaska Pipeline

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